About the Artist

Hi there and thanks for visiting.  I hope you find something you love!  

After owning and running my own art gallery for local artists in Anchorage Alaska for 14 years, in 2016 I discovered my true creative love... digital art.

Since 2016 I have practiced, experimented, and grown as a digital artist. I'm a self taught artist, and I have attended many classes on digital art including in -person instruction as well as online classes. I've watched countless hours of instruction and tutorial videos that have helped me learn some of the new constantly changing and improving digital painting techniques. I've Invested in soft wear and hard wear, as well as several design programs that help me with my paintings. There are so many skills to acquire and explore!

My process starts with an idea, and then a photograph- either my own, or with a licensed photograph I purchase.  Then the painting starts on my computer or tablet and can take many hours or days as I often go back to perfect and hone my vision. I use digital brushes, color pallets, layers, crops, fades, cutting and pasting, textures, and experimentation.  I may start with a photo or several mixed photos as a base, but the end result is a piece of artwork straight out of my imagination.

2020 was a hard year for many, but in that time of staying inside and regrouping at home, I found myself with the extra time I needed to begin to really explore the many options that was modern digital art, and I really started creating a lot of images.  The saying "I just want to stay home, drink coffee, and create stuff" is now my motto!

I get my inspiration from the many wonderful, talented artists that were a part of my gallery. After reflecting back on those gallery years, thinking of these dedicated and persevering artists helps to give me the gumption and bravery to put my art out there to the masses.  Thank you friends.